Airplane Crash - San Diego, California 04/21/1929

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - San Diego, California

LocationSan Diego, California
OperatorMaddux Airlines / Military - U.S.Army Air Force
RouteSan Diego - Phoenix
TypeFord 5-AT-B Tri-Motor / B-PW-9D
RegistrationNC9636 / 28-037
SummaryA midair collision occurred with a US Air Force Boeing PW-9D at 2,000 ft. Five killed on the Tri-motor, one on the Boeing. Army pilot Lieutenant Howard Keefer, while flying above the airliner, was stunting and performed a steep banking turn downward, in an attempt to pass in front of the airliner. Instead, he misjudged the speed of the Maddux aircraft and his diving plane struck the cockpit of the Ford Tri-motor. He was found criminally negligent.

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