Airplane Crash - Prestwick Airport, Scotland 10/20/1948

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Prestwick Airport, Scotland

LocationPrestwick Airport, Scotland
OperatorKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
RouteAmsterdam - Prestwick - New York City
TypeLockheed 049-46-25 Constellation
SummaryThe aircraft was on a flight from Amsterdam to New York with a stopover at Prestwick Scotland. The aircraft attempted to land on Runway 32 but the crew choose to go-around due to strong cross winds and asked to land on Runway 26. While circling to line up with the runway, the aircraft ran into a heavy fog bank and crashed into high voltage power lines at an elevation of 400 feet and burst into flames. The crashed occurred 5 miles east-northeast of the airport. Improper flight procedures by the crew. Lack of information supplied to the crew by the tower. The aircraft was named Nijmegen after the old Dutch town close to the West German border.

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