Airplane Crash - Off Marina Del Rey, California 03/10/1979

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Off Marina del Rey, California

LocationOff Marina del Rey, California
OperatorSwift Aire Lines Inc.
Flight #235
RouteNew York - Santa Monica
TypeAerospatiale Nord 262A-33
SummaryThe plane ditched into Santa Monica Bay near Marina del Rey, shortly after taking off from Santa Monica Airport. The flight crew's mismanagement of an emergency procedure following an autofeather of the right-hand propeller which resulted in their shutting down the remaining engine. A leak or break in the propeller pressure line probably caused the right engine to autofeather. The left engine was shut down when the flight crew failed to identify the engine on which the autofeather occurred and moved the left power lever to the stop position. Contributing to the accident was the unavailability of vital restart information to the crew.

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