Airplane Crash - Off Jones Beach, New York, New York 02/08/1965

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Off Jones Beach, New York, New York

LocationOff Jones Beach, New York, New York
OperatorEastern Air Lines
Flight #663
RouteNew York City - Richmond VA
TypeDouglas DC-7B
SummaryThe aircraft crashed shortly after taking off after taking evasive action to avoid Pan American Flight 212, a Boeing-707, that was planning to land. The aircraft were separated vertically by approximately 1,000 feet although this was not known to the controllers involved. The EAL captain had the illusion that a potential collision course existed. As a result of this illusion, a descent was initiated. In this circumstance the DC-7 was placed in an unusual attitude, resulting in spatial disorientation of the crew. Placement of the two aircraft on a near head on course which prompted the EAL plane to make an evasive maneuver from which the pilots could not recover.

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