Airplane Crash - Near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 08/19/1980

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

LocationNear Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
OperatorSaudi Arabian Airlines
Flight #163
RouteRiyadh - Jeddah
TypeLockheed 1011-200 TriStar
SummaryThe flight experienced a fire in the aft cargo compartment 6 minutes after taking off from Rilyadh. The plane returned to the airport and landed but because of a delay in evacuating the plane, all aboard were killed by smoke and fire. Half a minute before landing the captain decided not to order an emergency evacuation. When he landed, he did not stop immediately but instead proceeded to make a normal landing delaying the fire equipment from putting out the fire. It took a full twenty-three minutes after touchdown before the doors were opened. The failure of the captain to prepare the cabin crew for immediate evacuation upon landing and his failure in not making a maximum stop landing on the runway, with immediate evacuation.

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