Airplane Crash - Near Kaliba, Philippines 12/21/1964

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Near Kaliba, Philippines

LocationNear Kaliba, Philippines
OperatorFleming Airways System Transport
RouteKalibo - Manila
TypeDouglas DC-3
SummaryAfter losing the No. 1 engine the pilot decided to return to Kalibo but could not land do to poor weather. He attempted to divert to Bacolod but could not climb to avoid terrain and crashed into a fish pond while attempting to ditch in the sea. Failure to maintain safe single engine speed and altitude following failure of the left engine. The precipitation and poor visibility prevailing at the time of the accident over Kalibo and its vicinity and the failure on the part of the maintenance personnel to take action to correct discrepancies logged in the aircraft log-book, individually or collectively contributed to the cause of the accident.

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