Airplane Crash - Near Fairfield, California 08/05/1950

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Near Fairfield, California

LocationNear Fairfield, California
OperatorMilitary - U.S. Air Force
TypeBoeing B-29MR
SummaryThe No. 2 propeller began to overspeed during the takeoff. This was followed by overspeeding of the No. 3 propeller. The No. 3 propeller was successfully feathered but then the landing gear would not retract. The aircraft was unable to gain altitude and the pilot slid the aircraft to the left to avoid a trailer park at the end of the runway. The aircraft stalled, fell to the ground and broke-up. Killed in the accident was Brigadier General Robert E. Travis. The installation was later renamed Travis Air Force Base in his honor.

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