Airplane Crash - Leesburg, Florida 03/19/1982

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Leesburg, Florida

LocationLeesburg, Florida
TypeBeechcraft Bonanza F35
SummaryRandy Rhoads, 25, lead guitarist for heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne was killed when the plane in which he was a passenger crashed into a tour bus and a house. The pilot was attempting to buzz Osbourne's tour bus when after several attempts, the left wing struck the side of the bus puncturing it in two places approximately half way down the right side. The plane was thrown over the bus, hit a pine tree, severing it approximately 10 feet up from the bottom, before it crashed into the garage of a house. The plane was an estimated 10-11 feet off the ground traveling at approximately 120 - 150 knots during final impact. Several other members of the group were inside the bus but were not hurt. The pilot, Andrew Aycock's medical certificate (3rd class) had expired, making his pilots license invalid. All three aboard, Rhoads, Rachel Youngblood, the groups hairdresser and the pilot were killed. Poor judgement by the pilot in buzzing the bus and misjudging clearance of obstacles.

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