Airplane Crash - Honolulu, Hawaii 07/22/1962

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Honolulu, Hawaii

LocationHonolulu, Hawaii
OperatorCanadian PacifiAir Lines
Flight #323
RouteHonolulu - Nadi, Fiji
TypeBristol Britannia 314
SummaryShortly after takeoff, a fire warning indication caused the pilot to feather the propeller on the No. 1 engine. Fuel was jettisoned, and the flight returned to Honolulu for landing approximately 40 minutes after departure. The three-engine landing approach appeared normal until the aircraft had proceeded beyond the runway threshold and had commenced its landing flare at an altitude of approximately 20 feet above the runway centerline. A go-around was attempted from this position and the aircraft banked and veered sharply to the left. Initial ground contact was made by the left wing tip approximately 550 feet to the left of the runway centerline. The aircraft progressively disintegrated as it moved across the ground, then struck heavy earth-moving-equipment parked approximately 970 feet from the runway centerline. The accident was caused by the attempted three-engine go-around, when the aircraft was in a full landing configuration, at insufficient airspeed and altitude to maintain control.

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