Airplane Crash - Granger, Utah 11/18/1979

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Granger, Utah

LocationGranger, Utah
OperatorTransamerica Airlines
RouteOgden, UT - Las Vegas, NV
TypeLockheed L-188CF Electra
SummaryDuring the descent the aircraft attained a high airspeed and high rate of descent and disintegrated in flight. A progressive failure in the aircraft's electrical system leading to the disabling or erratiperformance of some critical flight instruments and flight instrument lighting while the flight was operating in night instrument meteorological condition. As a result of these conditions, the flight crew could not resolve the instrumentation anomalies to determine proper aircraft attitude reference, and became disoriented and lost control of the aircraft. The crew's efforts to regain control of the aircraft imposed aerodynamiloads which exceeded design limits of the aircraft and caused it to break up in flight.

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