Airplane Crash - Gimli, Manitoba, Canada 07/23/1983

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

LocationGimli, Manitoba, Canada
OperatorAir Canada
Flight #143
RouteOttawa - Edmonton
TypeBoeing B-767-233ER
SummaryThe aircraft took off from Ottawa bound for Edmonton with less than half the fuel required to make the trip. A computer known as the 'Fuel Quantity Information System Processor' was not working properly so the ground crew made manual calculations for the amount of needed fuel. However, they used pounds/liter for the specifigravity factor instead of kilograms/liter. This was first model of aircraft of Air Canada to use kilograms. The aircraft ran out of fuel at 41,000 feet. With only standby instruments (magneticompass, artificial horizon, airspeed indicator and altimeter) and no slats or flaps, the plane landed safely on a 7,200 ft. runway at Gimli, a former Air Force base converted into a racing drag strip. The plane became known as the 'Gimli Glider.' The TV movie Falling from the Sky: Flight 174 was made about this incident in 1995.

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