Airplane Crash - Foynes, Ireland 09/05/1954

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Foynes, Ireland

LocationFoynes, Ireland
OperatorKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight #633
RouteShannon - New York City
TypeLockheed 1049C-55-81 S Constellation
SummaryLess than a minute after takeoff, the aircraft crashed into a mudbank of the Shannon River. Although the crash site was only about 2,500 metres from the airport, no one was aware of the disaster. Rescue operations were only started after the plane's navigator, after having crossed the river, managed to reach the airport. The aircraft was partially submerged, and at least one of the fuel tanks had ruptured during the crash. The fuel fumes rendered many passengers and crew unconscious, who then drowned in the rising tide. Failure of the captain to interpret his instrument indications properly during flap retraction after the gear was re-extended.

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