Airplane Crash - Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska 12/26/1968

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska

LocationElmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska
OperatorPan American World Airways
RouteSan Francisco - Anchorage - Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
TypeBoeing 707-321CF
SummaryThe stickshaker sounded shortly after VR. The aircraft rotated and climbed slowly. The right wing contacted the snow covered ground 94 feet left of the extended centerline at a distance of 2,760 feet from the runway. The aircraft rolled inverted and broke up. The probable cause was an attempted takeoff with the flaps in a retracted position. This resulted from a combination of factors: a) inadequate cockpit checklist and procedures; b) a warning system inadequacy associated with cold weather operations; c) ineffective control practices regarding manufacturer's Service Bulletins; and d) stresses imposed upon the crew by their attempts to meet an air trafficontrol deadline.

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