Airplane Crash - Chiang Mai, Thailand 12/25/1967

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Chiang Mai, Thailand

LocationChiang Mai, Thailand
OperatorThai Airways
Flight #002
RouteBangkok - Chiang Mai
TypeDouglas DC-3
SummaryDuring poor weather and after a flyby, the pilot requested a Runway 18 approach. The pilot decided to make a visual approach along the middle of 3 diverging roads, which was aligned with the runway. Because of the fog, the pilot began his approach along the third road which extended to the Royal Thai Air Force fuel storage instead of Runway 18. When the aircraft got close to the ground, the pilot realized that he was approaching the wrong road. He tried to initiate a go-around but the aircraft became unstable as he raised the nose slipped to the left and stalled the plane. The No.1 engine hit the ground first, 200 meters from the airport.

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