Airplane Crash - Castel Benito, Libya 02/04/1949

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Castel Benito, Libya

LocationCastel Benito, Libya
OperatorSkyways of London
RouteKhartoum - Castel Benito
TypeDouglas C-54A-1-DO Skymaster
SummaryThe No. 4, followed by the No. 3 engines failed on initial approach. The plane lost altitude and crashed into trees. Failure of the captain to maintain a safe height, by utilizing the available power of the starboard engines after power failure in the port engine. The reason for this failure by the captain cannot be determined. The power failure in the port engines was caused by fuel starvation brought about by an insuffuciency of fuel in the port tanks. This fuel shortage was the result of the wing tanks being allowed to become progressively unbalanced during the last stage of the flight.

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