Airplane Crash - Caldwell, Ohio 09/03/1925

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Caldwell, Ohio

LocationCaldwell, Ohio
OperatorMilitary - U.S. Navy
RouteLakehurst, NJ - S.t Louis, MO
TypeDirigible ZR-1 Shenandoah (airship)
SummaryThe Shenandoah was flying over Southern Ohio when she abruptly encountered violent atmosphericonditions (thunderstorms). Powerful air currents buffeted her so severely that her crew was unable to maintain control. Rising rapidly above her pressure height, then falling and rising again, her hull structure was overstressed amidships, breaking the airship in two. Shenandoah's external control car and two engine cars fell free, carrying the dirigible's commanding officer and several other men to their deaths. The stern section came down nearby, while several men were able to fly the bow section to ground as a free balloon.

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