Airplane Crash - Blythburgh, England 08/12/1944

Details of airplane crash/ shootdown - Blythburgh, England

LocationBlythburgh, England
OperatorMilitary - U.S. Navy
Flight #-
TypeConsolidated PB4Y-1
SummaryNavy lieutenant Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., 29, brother of President John F. Kennedy, was killed while on a flying mission over England during World War II. Kennedy volunteered for operation Aphrodite after completing two full combat tours and was killed when the explosive-laden PB4Y he was flying blew up in air. He was intending to aim the ship and bail out, leaving another aircraft to guide the PB4Y via remote control to a German submarine pen on the French coast; it apparently exploded when he armed the switches. The photographichase plane had President Franklin Roosevelt's son, Elliot Roosevelt, on board.

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