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GST Calculator NZ: Easily Calculate Goods and Services Tax

Whether you're adding GST to the price or determining it from an inclusive amount, we've got you covered!

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Adding GST to the Price

To calculate the GST-inclusive price when adding GST:

GST-Inclusive Price = Amount * 1.15

Subtracting GST from the Price (Reverse Calculation)

If the price already includes GST, use the fraction method:

GST Amount = (GST-Inclusive Price * 3) / 23
GST-Exclusive Amount = GST-Inclusive Price - GST Amount

Source: https://www.ird.govt.nz/-/media/project/ir/home/documents/forms-and-guides/ir300---ir399/ir375/ir375-2021.pdf, Valid as of 20 Jan 2024