Country Codes For US

US is recognized internationally by these abbreviations

Code Type Value
English Short Name (CLDR)US
Dial 1
Aplha-3/ ISO3166-1/ World Bank 3 Digit CountryUSA
MAchine-Readable Cataloging xxu
ISO 3166-1 Numeric 840
FIPS - 2 Digit CountryUS
World Meteorological OrganizationUS
ISO3166-1 Alpha-2 Digit CountryUS
International Telecommunications Union CountryUSA
International Olympics Committee IOC CountryUSA
ISO4217 Currency NameUS Dollar
English Short CountryUnited States of America (the)
ISO4217 Currency AlphabeticUSD
ISO4217 Currency Numeric840
Official Name United States of America
Region NameAmericas
Sub-region NameNorthern America
Geoname ID6252001
EDGAR Country

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