Country Codes For Congo - Kinshasa

Congo - Kinshasa is recognized internationally by these abbreviations

Code Type Value
English Short Name (CLDR)Congo - Kinshasa
Dial 243
Aplha-3/ ISO3166-1/ World Bank 3 Digit CountryCOD
MAchine-Readable Cataloging cg
ISO 3166-1 Numeric 180
FIPS - 2 Digit CountryCG
World Meteorological OrganizationZR
ISO3166-1 Alpha-2 Digit CountryCD
International Telecommunications Union CountryCOD
International Olympics Committee IOC CountryCOD
ISO4217 Currency NameCongolese Franc
English Short CountryDemocratic Republic of the Congo (the)
ISO4217 Currency AlphabeticCDF
ISO4217 Currency Numeric976
Official Name Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region NameAfrica
Sub-region NameSub-Saharan Africa
Geoname ID203312
EDGAR Country

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