Country Codes For Brazil

Brazil is recognized internationally by these abbreviations

Code Type Value
English Short Name (CLDR)Brazil
Dial 55
Aplha-3/ ISO3166-1/ World Bank 3 Digit CountryBRA
MAchine-Readable Cataloging bl
ISO 3166-1 Numeric 76
FIPS - 2 Digit CountryBR
World Meteorological OrganizationBZ
ISO3166-1 Alpha-2 Digit CountryBR
International Telecommunications Union CountryB
International Olympics Committee IOC CountryBRA
ISO4217 Currency NameBrazilian Real
English Short CountryBrazil
ISO4217 Currency AlphabeticBRL
ISO4217 Currency Numeric986
Official Name Brazil
Region NameAmericas
Sub-region NameLatin America and the Caribbean
Geoname ID3469034
EDGAR CountryD5

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